lazyfeed User generated content is a buzzword people love to throw around.  The term represents all of the text, images and video people upload everyday to the web. User generated content is an amazing thing. YouTube recently hit 24 hours of video uploaded  each minute. The problem with this endlessly growing mound of information is noise. When more information exists to sort through, it makes it harder to find the stuff you actually care about.

This problem of too much noise has created a market for web companies to build solutions that help individuals filter information in an effort to save time.  Taking time and effort to create ways to filter information online is hard work and most of us would rather be lazy.

4 Tools for Lazy People to Find News Online


1. BackType Me - Twitter has become a major source of news and links for many on the social web. Sometimes the balance of links and conversation is difficult to manage on Twitter. BackType, a company that is working to make blog comments more social and search able has created a useful side project. BackType Me connects your Twitter account to BackType and displays relevant news stories and links that your friends are talking about so that you can easily click and read the ones of most interest to you.


2. LazyFeed - If looking for Twitter links isn't enough for you, then you may want to try LazyFeed. This startup lets you select topics of interest and puts them into one dashboard. It then automatically fills each topic space with news that it believes will be of interest to you. Lazyfeed is a great option for people who want to give up control of online information gathering.

3. my6sense - Getting news isn't only about the desktop. Mobile devices are a valuable way to get news on the go when we have a few extra minutes waiting in line or riding the train. With its iPhone application my6sense looks at supplying users with the information that is most important to them while they are on the go. Have you ever used Pandora on the iPhone to listen to music? Think of my6sense as Pandora for news and information.

4. Zite - Online social connections are easy to map unlike offline connections. Because of online social maps, services can recommend information that you may like, based on information shared and consumed by people in your online network. Google is trying to do this with its new social search  feature. A new startup that is still in beta mode, Zite is working to do the same thing for news. Zite wants to use your online social graph to give you the news and information that you may care about the most.

For years Google has lead the way in answering our questions online. If these new companies have their way, we won't even need to ask questions. What does that mean for Google?

Marketing Takeaways

Marketers are responsible for understanding and keeping track of more information than ever before. Using tools to automate tracking of information related to your industry, company and competitors can save marketers valuable times. As inbound marketing becomes a larger portion of your marketing mix having information at your finger tips will make it easier to create compelling blog posts , whitepapers, eBooks and webinars.

How do you filter news and information online right now?

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