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March 30, 2010 // 7:30 AM

Top 10 Most Popular Foursquare Badges [Infographic]

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Foursquare is a popular location-based social network that keeps track of users' whereabouts. People "check-in" at various locations, letting their friends know where they are and allowing them to find you or recommend places to go nearby. People can check-in at cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, offices, etc.

When users check-in using Foursquare, they can unlock interesting badges based on the places and frequency of their visits. You can unlock the "Gym Rat" badge if you hit the gym 3+ times per week, the "Explorer" badge if you checked into 25 different venues, or even the "Crunked" badge if you stop by 4+ places in one night!

Foursquare Grader measures your "Foursquare mojo" by analyzing your usage and giving you a grade and rank based on your comparison to other Foursquare users. The Top 10 Badges are presented above using Foursquare Grader data.


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