7 Social Media Marketing Videos From America's Best Universities

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Recently YouTube EDU , a section of YouTube that showcases videos from colleges and universities, celebrated its one year anniversary. This section of YouTube often gets overlooked by many users. It shouldn 't; it is a vault of free education that others pay thousands of dollars a year to access. For many of us in the marketing industry, college is a distant memory, but it doesn 't mean we should ignore the information being shared with today's students. After all, it could also help improve our own strategies.

Social media is a popular topic in marketing today, and it is also top of mind for journalism and business schools at colleges around the world. Check out the following social media videos found on YouTube EDU :

1. How to Be a Social Media Change Agent -- posted by HarvardBusiness

2. Social Media Progress and Predictions -- posted by UniversityofRichmond

3. Social Networking or Notworking: The Value of Social Media in Business -- posted by CranfieldSoM

4. 2009 Social Enterprise Conference: Digital Campaign Strategies -- posted by ColumbiaBusiness

5. Terry College's Interview with Ford's Scott Monty -- posted by TerryCollege

6. Avner Roven: Social Networking and New Media -- posted by ColumbiaBusiness

7. Jeff Jarvis: Your Customers Are Your Ad Agency -- posted by ColumbiaBusiness

I would reccomend looking for other videos related to your industry on YouTube EDU because it has so much great, free content.

Which video was most helpful to you? Have you used YouTube EDU before?


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