3 Foursquare Business Tips from Its Co-Founder Dennis Crowley [Video]

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Last Monday, Mike Volpe and I attended an event hosted by The Ad Club where Foursquare Co-founder Dennis Crowley was the keynote speaker.

We grabbed a few minutes with him at the end of the event. After briefly chatting about the Red Sox and Foursquare's $5.99 SXSW booth , Dennis offered some tips on how companies could use Foursquare to help build their businesses.

Watch the video below.


1. Business owners can give away " Foursquare Specials, " or free items, to the mayor of their business. This encourages users to check-in more often, and occasionally persuades patrons to choose a Foursquare-friendly business (for the perks!) over an alternative.

2. Foursquare is offering analytical tools for companies to gauge success and business growth through using Foursquare. For example, this data can show which day folks visit their businesses most often, and specifically who those people are. 

3. There's a potential for B2B companies, specifically software companies, to adopt a Foursquare component into their products through the API. From a marketing perspective, there's an opportunity for B2B companies to use Foursquare for user groups, building buzz at events, or branding. 

Are you using Foursquare for your business? Are you a Foursquare user yourself?  Learn how to unlock foursquare badges .

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