The First Step in Email Marketing Optimization

landing page

The first step in email marketing optimization is: your landing page.

Email marketing doesn't stop with a click. You want that click to become a conversion on your site, and that is largely dependent on where you send people with that click.

So how do you go about optimizing your landing page? Here are the four basics to get you started.

  • Get to the point. Make it incredibly clear what your visitor is supposed to do. Is it fill out a form? Download a whitepaper? Register for a trial? Make sure this is clear when you first hit your page - no scrolling or thinking required.
  • Stick to the essentials. Are your copy, your images, your form fields all essential? If not, get rid of them. Extra copy and images are distracting, and extra form fields only cause extra friction and keep people from doing what you want them to do.
  • What's in it for them? Why should your visitor do what you want (like give up their phone number or email address)? Clearly outline the benefit you're delivering to them. For a whitepaper, what will they learn? Use bullet points to really drive home everything they get.
  • Guide your visitor. Make sure you smooth the transition from email to landing page - match the headers, images, etc. That click from your email just brought your visitor to a brand new location, and you want them to know they're in the right place.

The next step? Keep on testing, testing, testing. Try out different copy or images or offers. By constantly improving your landing pages, you will make sure to capture as many of those email visitors as possible to generate more leads from your email marketing campaigns!

What do you think? Did I miss any of the landing page optimization basics? Should you start somewhere else when optimizing your email marketing?

Photo Credit: Tidewater Muse

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