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Episode #87 - April 9, 2010
(Episode Length: 23 minutes, 50 seconds) - Marketing Data Dive


  • How to interact on Twitter: Include #HubSpotTV in your tweets! On the show today is Mike Volpe (@ mvolpe ) and Karen Rubin (@ KarenRubin ).
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  • Shout Outs: Hi to our viewer from Singapore, Andrew Abraham from ! Thank you to Leili McKinley for blogging about HubSpot TV as one of her favorite podcasts : " If Internet marketing seems overwhelming, then tune in to Karen Rubin's and Mike Volpe's podcast. They'll help you transform your brand from an idea to actuality. "
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Will Digg Get Dug Up From 6 Feet Under?

  • Digg: The Digg iFrame Toolbar is Dead / Unbanning Domains
  • Digg “Unbanning” All Previously Banned Web Sites
  • Kevin Rose: "Framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet... It's an inconsistent/wonky user experience, and I'm happy to say we are killing it when we launch the new Digg."
  • Andy Beal, Marketing Pilgrim: "It's not too far-fetched to suggest that about the time Digg started banning popular marketing blogs, it started fading as a popular destination and talking-point for marketers."
  • According to Digg traffic had gotten as high as 43m monthly visitors, but has fallen recently to 37 million visitors.  Digg has certainly lost all of its growth momentum, as well as cache and brand.
  • Marketing Takeaway : Keep an eye on this, and if you have a medium popularity blog, it might be time to add back your Digg buttons.

Apple Announces Future Improvements to Mobile Ads

New Marketing Stats and Insights

Forum Fodder

  • Jeremy Widdup asks, "What part does your sales team play to make the sale occur? I do not see anything in the HubSpot approach that addresses the activity of lead to sales beyond lead nurturing. Is this the only method used in conversions?

Marketing Tip of the Week: Make friends with your sales people and build robust communications between teams.


Webinar: Always Be Testing: 10 Tips For Increasing Your Lead Conversion Rate

website redesign webinar Learn how to convert website visitors into leads with calls to action and landing pages

Download the free webinar to for tips on testing, measuring, and analyzing your marketing programs to improve your lead conversion rate.

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