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Company: Blacksmith & Company | Website Grader Score :12




  Website Optimization Suggestions:

1. Need to start a blog.

2. On-page SEO needs keywords in the home page title tag.

3. Meta-description does not exist.

4. Domain expiring at end of year.

5. No Twitter profile associated with the website.


Company: SOME | Website Grader Score: 92



  Website Optimization Suggestions:

 1. A blog would be a perfect method of communicating to their volunteers and donors.  Much better than a newsletter. People involved in a non-profit love stories, and what better way to communicate stories than with a blog?

2. Too many competing images on the home page. Stick to the story.  The Flash competes with the banner. 

3.  Speaking of stories and images, President Barack Obama visited SOME and that would be pretty big news.  Yet, the picture and accompanying story is buried in the lower left of the home page, way below the fold (see below).   




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Originally published Apr 12, 2010 8:13:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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