New Chart: How Important is Social Media to Your Strategy?

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



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Survey Shows Social Media Matters, and It's Here to Stay

The fastest-growing private U.S. companies have discovered something that's taking larger, more traditional companies some time to figure out - social media matters.

Research conducted by the Center for Marketing Research , shows that the Inc. 500 recognizes the critical role social media plays in an online world. One hundred forty-eight companies responded to the late 2009 survey of companies named by Inc. Magazine to their list.

In fact, an incredible 79% of respondents to the nationwide telephone survey indicated social media was very or somewhat important to their business and marketing strategy. Indeed, 43% ranked social media as very important, compared with only 26% two years earlier, a 65% increase.

Clearly, these successful, smaller companies have discovered that leveraging social media tools and technologies plays a valuable role in their business and marketing strategies.

How about your business? Do you consider social media important? What results have you seen from using it?


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