Poll Results: How Aligned Are Your Sales & Marketing Organizations?

Pete Caputa
Pete Caputa



In January this year, Mark Gibson from Advanced Marketing Concepts and I ran a joint webinar entitled " How Marketing Agencies Can Help Clients Align their Sales & Marketing Messaging, Processes and Goals ". More than 200 attendees answered a series of questions about critical sales and marketing alignment issues. If you work as an inhouse marketer, are a small businesss owner or work at an agency, and you're trying to improve your sales and marketing performance, these poll results should help you.

Question 1. How Important is your/your clients' message?

Clearly their client's "messaging" is extremely important.

Question 2. How well do your/your clients' websites convey their unique value?

Clarity in messaging is deemed as very important to extremely important by the vast majority of respondents. However, 77% of respondents consider that their website messaging is less than effective. There is plenty of work to be done on creating clarity in messaging unique value.

Question 3. What is your/your clients primary source of lead generation?

The answers to this question indicate that marketing agencies and their clients are generating the majority of new business (62%) from referrals from satisfied clients and from industry contacts. This result is not surprising in the traditional high touch, relationship-based marketing and PR business.

What was surprising to us is that inbound marketing and social networking account for such a small volume of leads. Assuming that these agencies are the companies that are most likely the ones who should be introducing inbound marketing to their clients, it seems we all still have a lot of work to do to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve inbound marketing success .

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