While pay-per-click (PPC) is in no way a replacement for search engine optimization (SEO), it can sometimes be a useful tool .

So for marketers looking into trying out some PPC experiments, you might be interested to know that Google announced Friday it has released full functionality for its AdWords for mobile interface, initially launched a few weeks ago for the iPhone, Android and Palm Pre devices.  AdWords for mobile is designed to give mobile users a quick overview of account activity and performance while allowing users to make easy, select changes to keywords and campaigns. Currently, the app is only available for accounts managed in the United States, UK or Australian English.

How to Take Full Advantage of AdWords for Mobile:

  1. Customize Your Experience: Before using AdWords on your mobile device, login from your laptop/desktop computer to choose which parts of your account you'd like to monitor closely, by doing the following ...
  2. Set up Custom Alerts: You have the option of setting up alerts for key account events (e.g. for when your traffic fluctuates dramatically compared to the previous week, etc.).
  3. Create Saved Filters: You can set up saved filters to flag keywords and campaigns that are most important to you.
  4. Download the AdWords for Mobile Interface: Once you've created your desired settings from your computer, download the app , and you'll notice your settings applied to your mobile interface.

Keep in mind: The mobile interface is designed to enable you to quickly access your account's essentials, so other parts of your account (ads, campaign settings), cannot be modified using the mobile app.

Google is smart to answer its AdWords customers' pleas for a mobile solution and take advantage of the cry for mobile functionality, but AdWords users beware: PPC can be like crack , and you shouldn't rely on it heavily to generate leads.  Instead, use the service when you need fast results to help you test a new idea, determine keywords on which to focus, learn elements of effective copy, etc.  Then quickly get off the PPC crack and apply what you've learned to developing an effective SEO strategy .

If the above is your goal for using PPC, we hope Google's new mobile offering helps you achieve the results you're looking for !


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Originally published May 3, 2010 3:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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