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May 5, 2010

Twitter Launches Tool to Embed Tweets

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Tweets about this, tweets about that,  tweets about just about everything  are available on  Twitter . But sometimes you come across one that you just have to share on your blog, so you take a screenshot and paste the picture on your page. But wait, if you can embed a YouTube video on a page then why not a tweet?

Now you can. Twitter has solved the problem of copying and pasting pictures of tweets by launching a tool to actually embed tweets on a page.

Blackbird Pie  allows you to enter the URL of a Twitter status (found by clicking on the timestamp of a tweet, i.e. "2 hours ago") and then generates an HTML code to embed the tweet on a page. Once you paste the code onto your site, the tweet will automatically incorporate the font and other styling that may be present on the page. Below are examples of 1) screenshot of Twitter status, and 2) embedded Twitter status.

So far, the only noticeable downsides of the new tool are the "flaky" functionality and the long-winded code.




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Key Marketing Takeaways

Allowing users to embed tweets will change the way people use Twitter to relay ideas. Since people have started  highlighting tweets as quotes , they have come up with quick fixes to place the tweet in a blog or on a website, either through copying and pasting the words or inserting a cropped screenshot. Here are the ways in which an embedded tweet will differ from the current methods:

  1. L inks tweets back to original author.  Embedding a tweet will include a link back to the Twitter user (as shown above). This will allow the author to receive credit for their posts as well.

  2. Makes content searchable.  As opposed to a screenshot, the words in an embedded tweet will be able to be picked up by search engines. Since search engine bots cannot read images or index the tweet inside a picture, the introduction of embedded tweets will increase the likelihood of appearing on Google and ranking for specific keywords.

  3. Creates dynamic content.  Taking a picture of a tweet makes the content static and places the editing power in the publishers' hands. However, with embedded tweets, the content will remain on Twitter and will therefore become dynamic and reactive to any changes in the user's status (i.e. will delete itself if user removes the tweet). 

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