Google Introduces Analytics App Store

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



Trying to get more out of your Google Analytics?

Today's launch of Google's Analytics Application Gallery will hopefully make it a little easier. The new gallery offers applications that extend Google Analytics' reach deeper into specific areas like eCommerce and content management. 

The gallery is chock full of tools to help Analytics users understand their web stats.  It is currently divided into 12 categories, including business intelligence, campaign management, content management, data collection, e-commerce, email marketing , mobile solutions, phone call tracking, reporting tools, search optimization , site audit, and widgets & gadgets.  Currently, there are 38 available apps, though this number will continue to rise as developers submit their new apps to the gallery.

Why is this helpful for marketers?

If you're a marketer, web analytics (different from  marketing analytics ) are a significant part of your marketing programs (and if they aren't, they should be ).  Analytics help you determine how each of your initiatives are performing and can indicate whether you need to change or improve upon your existing programs.  In a nutshell, web and marketing analytics help you determine the ROI of your marketing efforts.

If you're a Google Analytics user, take some time to browse the new gallery and check out Google's Editor's Picks .  You may come across an app that lets you organize your analytics in a way that helps you get more out of measuring your marketing. 

Have you taken a look around the gallery? Are any of the offered tools useful to you? Share some of your favorite Google Analytics apps in the comments below.


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