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Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: Geo-Marketing

globe Whether you're talking about location-based , mobile, local search, or geo-marketing, the ability to segment your message by location is one of the newest developments in marketing. New technologies now give you the opportunity to reach specific audiences based on their geography. Are you taking advantage of it?

Our top pick of inbound marketing articles to kickstart your week gives you a great overview of the concept of geo-marketing, focusing on why it should be important for small and medium-sized businesses.

1. Geo-Marketing As A New Business Marketing Tool

Author: Melih Oztalay on Search Engine Journal

Melih's article provides a helpful introduction to geographic marketing (geo-marketing), defining it as "a new method of marketing a business and its website through web searches, mobile searches and social media."  His main point is that geo-marketing gives small and medium sized businesses (not just large companies) a powerful new opportunity.

As with any new marketing opportunity, Melih points out that success rests on a company's ablity to be an early adopter.  He also discusses the three main tools of geo-marketing -- web searches, mobile marketing and social media marketing -- in greater detail.

Marketing Takeaway: Stay on top of new marketing methods and developments to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

2. 17 Easy Steps to Brilliant Blog Posts

Author: Jill Chivers on Copyblogger

Jill's article stemmed from her own dismay after trying to find straightforward, checklist-style guidelines when she got started with blogging.  Her article, is her own attempt at putting one together for newbie bloggers. 

The article breaks blogging down into 17 steps with the goal of helping beginner bloggers find everything in one place -- from food for thought for before you start blogging to ideas for remarkable content to a final checklist to run through before you publish your articles.

Marketing Takeaway: Beginners need not be daunted by business blogging; there are tons of resources to help you get started and eventually make blogging benefit your business .

3. HOW TO: Make Sure You're Tracking the Right Data

Author: Raj Kadam on Mashable

Data, data everywhere. Raj's Mashable article centers around the fact that marketers are often bombarded with a ton of data, making it difficult to determine which of that data is worthwhile to track.

He therefore provides some tips about how to decide what data does (and does not) make sense to monitor, highlighting that the biggest challenge is not acquiring the data, but rather understanding it. He also mentions the need to develop a framework for tracking the right data and tying your analytics to your intent. 

Marketing Takeaway: Always measure your marketing programs , but make sure your first taking steps to ensure you're focusing on the appropriate data.

4. 7 Ideas for Writing Compelling Content

Author: Valeria Maltoni on ConversationAgent

Creating compelling content is a staple in any successful inbound marketing program.  However, coming up with those "compelling" ideas is not always easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to think of fresh and creative content.  Valeria highlights 7 ideas for creating compelling content and encourages readers to experiment with them. They include:

  1. Create a feeling of involvement.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Provide value and proof of value.
  4. Establish authority.
  5. Build on the desire to belong.
  6. Create a sense of urgency.
  7. Make the whole brain work.

Marketing Takeaway: Creating remarkable content isn't always easy, but it's a pivotal part of inbound marketing strategy .

5. What You Need To Know About Privacy, Security and Safety On The Social Web

Author: Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer

Is the age of privacy over, as Mark Zuckerberg has said?  Maybe.  Without a doubt, we should all take privacy online and on the social web very seriously.  Jason Falls' article features a video chat about this important topic with a representative from IdentityTheft911.com , a leading resolutions service for identity theft and management services. 

He uncovers various safety tips, including separating your social media logins from financial information credentials, being aware of what you're doing online, making sure your computer is updated with various anti-virus, security and spyware detection software, etc.

Marketing Takeaway: Take your online security seriously.

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