Twitter Gets Business-Savvy with New Business Center

Roshni Mirchandani
Roshni Mirchandani



With the growing popularity of social media in the corporate world , many platforms have introduced nifty features to help businesses create accounts and increase their reach online. Facebook has Business Pages , LinkedIn has Company Profiles , and now Twitter has the Twitter Business Center.

After several months of beta testing, the new service is now ready to launch for business accounts on the popular microblogging site. For now, it has only been rolled out to a handful of accounts on an invite-only basis. The selected accounts will be asked to participate in testing the "Twitter Toolkit" and will receive access to the new features. Over time, it will be made available to all companies on Twitter.

What's New in the Twitter Business Center?

Several exclusive features will become available for companies to better communicate with customers and improve their online presence.


The new features include customizable page contents, a "Verified Account" badge, extra preferences, and the ability to add multiple contributors to the account. When a business clicks "Get Started", they are asked to fill in more information about their business and contact information. They then automatically become a "Verified Account", a feature that was only available to individual users before.

The coolest new feature will be the ability to accept direct messages from followers, whether or not companies are following them back. Previously, users could only connect via DM when both parties followed each other, often limiting the amount of interaction between companies and customers. Now businesses can directly respond to messages without following someone back first.


Marketing Takeaways

With a whole bundle of new business features, Twitter has made it easier than ever to take your company online. Take advantage of the added preferences to reach out to your customers and interact with them personally as this new business center is launched to all users. Direct messages are a great way to boost customer service and reply to people instantly. Even if the business owner doesn't have time to monitor Twitter, the ability to add multiple contributors to an account makes it easy to share the work. Remember, people are already talking about your business online, so it's best to jump into the conversation and make your presence known !


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