3 Key Lessons For New Business Bloggers

I attended and spoke at the Online Marketing Summit in Phoenix Arizona last week. OMS runs a series of 25+shows with about 10,000+ attendees per year throughout the US and Europe. There were three tracks B2B, B2C, and social media. I met dozens of business and marketing folks from the Phoenix area, along with several from Canada and had a great chance to take the pulse of online marketing. In his keynote speech Aaron Kahlow, CEO of Online Marketing Connect , asked the audience why they attended the event?

Based on a showing of hands, the main reasons broke out into three areas and were pretty evenly matched.

1. What do we do first?

2. Generate knowledge and ideas to help drive more online business

3. Save time and mone

Attendees were all about prioritization and doing more with less. There were some great ideas about creating a search and social media center of excellence  to get everyone in larger companies on the same page.  I was surprised at the number of attendees who’s marketing departments segmented online marketing activities and social media. I was also surprised at the number of attendees who had hired marketing folks who’s primary responsibility was manage or drive social media awareness.

My presentation was on blogging and social media and stressed three main points that are important to all new bloggers.

3 Key Lessons For New Business Bloggers

1. Listen First - Even if you can’t commit to contributing to a blog regularly, listening to the conversation and commenting on other people’s blogs can help you get a sense for what people are saying in your industry. If you can listen a couple of hours a week, and occasionally add your opinion by commenting, you can get a feel for what is valuable to your target demographic. Listening to the conversation will help you protect and grow your brand.

2. Blogging is More Than Text - Blogging in 2010 is very powerful for both creating fresh, remarkable content but it isn’t only about writing articles. It is also pictures, video’s, top 10 lists and answering your customers/prospects most frequently asked questions. I gave quite a few examples of HubSpot customers who have created tremendous blog leverage by writing about the things they discuss every day with their customers.

3. Measurement is Key - Online marketing moves so quickly that you need to measure the critical information automatically so that you can respond quickly. The web moves in minutes and hours and your ability to monitor visitors, readership, comments, links and leads is critical. By measuring these key metrics business bloggers can develop a content strategy that increases reach and drives business results.

It was surprising that driving leads from a blog was a new concept to many attendees. Lead generation is one of the most important reasons to start and maintain a business blog.

I am Looking forward to attending a few other OMS events and trying to determine if Phoenix is representative of the North American online market.If you are interested in attending an Online Marketing Summit event check their schedule and use the discount code: HUB20 

What important lessons did you learn when you began blogging for your business?