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Now that you've started to settle into your Monday, we hope you'll enjoy some of our favorite articles you may have missed in your RSS Reader last week.  Our top article offers some useful tips for staying motivated during those trying, early months of blogging .

1. Finding Motivation During the Early Months of Your Blog

Author: Ali Hale on Daily Blog Tips

Have you ever tried out a new hobby, only to find that your initial excitement and inspiration starts to fade after the first few weeks?  It's no surpise then, that many new bloggers fall victim to this same fate.  However, in order to build a successful blog , a blogger must stay committed, which is why Ali's tips to stay motivated come in handy.

Ali's article delves into four main motivation tips -- promise yourself six months, get into a writing routine, make it interesting, and keep your readers in mind -- to help bloggers stay on track and make it past those tough first few months.

Marketing Takeaway: Success takes time, even with blogging. Set some goals, and stay positive!

2. 4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

Author: Leyl Master Black on Mashable

It's easy to understand how B2C companies can benefit from a Facebook presence , but for many B2Bs, the concept may be a little bit more difficult to grasp.

Leyl's article addresses the misconception that there is no business benefit for B2B companies on Facebook and shares four helpful tips for creating a powerful presence on Facebook specifically for this audience. Her advice includes becoming an industry resource, engaging the community, expanding beyond your wall, and lightening up. 

Marketing Takeaway: Facebook isn't only advantageous for B2C companies. B2Bs can benefit from the social media channel as well.

3. The Benefits of Social Media in the B2B Workplace

Author: Dana Larson on Social Media B2B

We've heard stories about it left and right -- businesses banning social media sites at their workplaces with the justification that it's wasting their employees' time.  Maybe your company is even one of them.  On the surface, it might seem to make sense.  But if you think about it a little harder, you might draw a different conclusion. 

Dana's article explores the ways social media usage can actually benefit the B2B workplace, highlighting its potential to facilitate team building, communication and collaboration.   

Marketing Takeaway: You might want to think twice about implementing a restrictive social media policy at your company. Consider the benefits, too.

4. Use LinkedIn Effectively

Author: Chris Brogan on

Chances are, many of you have at least created a profile for yourself on LinkedIn , considering it's the most popular social network for business folk.  But are you making the most of it?

Chris Brogan discusses some of the features on LinkedIn he currently uses and why he thinks each of these features are effective.  These include using status updates, linking a blog and SlideShare account, joining groups, answering questions, connecting frequently, recommeding only people you can vouch for, scheduling some time, and inviting people. 

Marketing Takeaway: Take advantage of all a social media channel has to offer. Creating an account is only the first step.

5. 100 Thoughts on Social Media

Author: Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

Valeria's article is just what its title implicates: 100 of her thoughts on social media .  A simple post, yes, but there are definitely quite a few gems on her list.  

A few of my favorites?

  1. Make the content rock.
  2. Stay humble.
  3. Think community vs. self.
  4. Be more transparent.

Marketing Takeaway: Those who have mastered social media understand the tools and its best practices.

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