Wanna Be a Rap Superstar? "Just HubSpot It" [Episode 2]

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



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Episode #2: Rap Battle

Producer and Director: @ WoodyTondorf
Starring: @ jalicedev , @ jwmarcus , @ rickburnes , @ repcor

Freestyle Rap Lyrics
by Woody Tondorf

It’s Maureen, the dream, IT’s freestyle queen
Here to serve this intern like he’s soft ice cream
Look at little Danny with his tie off kilter
I’m about to crush this b**** like he’s spam in my filter!

Yo don’t waste my time while you thinkin’ you hot
You know Maureen doesn’t even get a parking spot?
I’m Danny the intern with a flow so cool
Maureen’s an office drone, just a glorified tool!

So your clip-on tie makes you think you got clout?
Just sit your a** down before I knock you straight out.
I manage email, the network, the wifi, the irony!
I even see your failures all over eHarmony!
That’s right. I went there. Is the little intern crying?
Bad news, tie boy, I’m not even trying.
You can’t leave now because your mom drives you home
This little b**** can’t even spell S-E-O!

So what are your thoughts? Did you watch it three times? Extra credit if you leave a comment that rhymes.

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