Website Optimization Request: Rescue Mission Ministries Needs Your Help

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Roanoke Rescue Mission

Imagine that you are an IT Manager for a 400-bed rescue mission.  Imagine that you are trying desperately to bring in volunteers and donors to help fund this important regional volunteer organization.  Imagine that you know the website is your main means of communication and you need to improve it dramatically.

This is the world of Monica, IT Manager at the Rescue Mission of Roanoke .  She wanted to attend yesterday's Website Optimization Webinar but had to deal with a down server for most of the afternoon. With a Website Grader Score of 69, Monica knew that she could improve the site.  If she had been able to attend, this is what Kipp and I would have told her to work on to improve her site's SEO visibility:

1. Start a blog - We've said over and over that the value of a blog is incredibly important for generating content.  What makes an organization or a company stand out is the value of new content. A blog makes it easy to post pictures, video, testimonials, appeals, stories, content that a search engine might decide has value.

2. Fix the meta descriptions on all of the pages -  As Kipp says, "Lots of low-hanging fruit here."...this site does not have any meta descriptions on its pages.  Not its home page, not its interior pages.  By highlighting the new stand-alone building with a medical clinic to offer care to the homeless, a drug rehabilitation and recovery program, and a family shelter, this non-profit organization has the ability to create more visibility for itself quickly.

3. They have 95 inbound links and a MOZ Rank of 5 - This gives them a decent level of authority on the Internet.  They have a conversion form on their site to have people sign up for newsletter.  They have a way to donate, and they have a list of things that they could use.  

As of yesterday, 283 men, women, and children found safe shelter and hope at the Rescue Mission.  Last year, they served 317,000 meals at their near-Downtown Roanoke site.

Can you think of any other ways they could optimize their website to help this organization attract more SEO visibility?

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