Who Wants a Marketing Music Video? - Ke$ha Parody, "Clicks Talk!"

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Do you ever want to inspire others to embrace the value of inbound marketing ... through song

If you liked the You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing music video, check out this one! This video guest stars HubSpot TV's Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe. 

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Producer and Director: @ WoodyTondorf
@ repcor
Starring: @ repcor , @ karenrubin , @ Cortenberg , @ mvolpe

Clicks Talk (Parody of Ke$ha 's "Tik Tock")
by Woody Tondorf

Tweeting in the morning on the way to the meeting
Update status: "19th floor
I'm just so good it's like cheating!"
Got my degree (MIT) and my plan of attack
‘Cause when I start the preso I ain’t goin’ back

I’m talkin' excellent SEO
Blogging just like the pros
Clients blowing up your phones
Desktoppin’! Rocking the SFDC
Blowin’ up RSS feeds
Better than Kawasaki

Put ‘em up
HubSpot put your searches up
That’s right. I’mma type
'Til we see the sunlight
Clicks Talk
Content rocks and your blogging don’t stop no!

Ain’t got a cent in your bank cause your inbox is clear
So we set up landing pages and they’re already here
And now the sales are lining up, you’re a content creator
And you’re tracking all your progress with our sweet Website Grader

I’m talking ‘bout
C to the M to the S
Clients all lookin’ impressed
Lead generation success
Na Na Now Inbound what's it's all about
And cold calling’s for clowns
Cold calling’s for clowns


So! What did you think? Do you have any music video masterpieces that you'd like to share?

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