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Roshni Mirchandani
Roshni Mirchandani



OK Go Paint

OK Go has taken YouTube users by storm with their original and crazy videos, which feature the pop rock band's music along with a unique visual depiction. With several videos receiving millions of views, the band has gained immense popularity through YouTube. "What we like about the Internet is that it gives us the opportunity to share the things we make directly with people... it’s a creative person’s dream," explains frontman Damian Kulash .

With a recently-launched record label and a Webby Award under their belt, OK Go is all set to promote their newest video -- but this time, through Facebook. They're launching a contest to encourage people to upload their video "End Love" to their profile and have friends comment on it. The person with the most comments will win an engraved iPad fully loaded with their music and videos.

Exploring other types of social media to further extend their fan base and promote their newest song is a fabulous idea, and may just prove to be the winning combination for the band.

Marketing Takeaway

Explore different mediums to promote your content. A band built entirely on viral videos is taking it a step further than YouTube -- they are using Facebook to promote their newest video and are relying on an (incentive-based) word-of-mouth strategy to garner a larger audience. Getting found is the first step of inbound marketing, so be sure to take advantage of social media and all its opportunities.

Make your content spreadable. OK Go ditched their record label EMI, which restricted embedding of the video, to launch their own called Paracadute Recordings. They are now enjoying the freedom of allowing people to share, embed, and even download their videos across the web. Ensuring that your content is readable, spreadable, and interesting will encourage people to further evangelize your brand.

Be creative. Although OK Go is a pop rock band, they have become notorious because of their creative videos. Ranging from a treadmill dance sequence to a marching band setup, the viral vids have been successful in driving traffic and popularizing the band's songs. Being creative is being unique, and differentiation is key to making your brand stand out among others.

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