Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: All About Social Media

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan




This week, our top article by Todd Defren is the first in his five part series that explains what companies just starting out in social media marketing ought to be doing.

1. If You Only Do *One Thing in Social Media

Author: Todd Defren of PR-Squared

What's the top thing you should be doing if you do nothing else in social media?  Monitoring.

Defren illustrates his point and emphasizes the importance of listening by explaining a recent case study concerning H&R Block, whose social media monitoring efforts helped them determine where to put their resources and where to stop putting their resources.  While monitoring can help a company brand adjust its approach to online conversations, it can also reveal where that brand should be having conversations in the first place.

Marketing Takeaway: Monitor your brand in social media to learn where conversations about you are happening online.

2. 7 Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand in Social Media

Author: Brian Solis on

Say you've taken Defren's advice and have decided social media is worth your time -- even beyond just monitoring.  Brian Solis' article offers answers to the who, what, when, where, why, etc. of creating a brand in social media.

His seven steps guide you through the phases of evaluation, planning and action when it comes to starting out in social media.  These steps involve  defining your brand's personality, listening to online conversations, pinpointing your opportunities, tracking down where your presence is required, becoming a part of the community, finding reasons that warrant your participation and identifying individuals who can help tell your story.

Marketing Takeaway: Take the time to understand the elements of successful social media engagement.

3. HOW TO: Improve B2B Sales Productivity With Social Media  

Author: Umberto Milletti on Mashable

If you're a B2B salesperson trying to grapple with how to use social media productively in the sales process , this article is for you. Umberto highlights the importance of relationship-building and facilitating a buying decision through social selling in our increasingly social media-driven world, where over four in five Americans who are online also participate socially.

Umberto's article recognizes a number of tools and methods to productively execute social selling by verifying leads, gathering information and engaging prospects.

Marketing Takeaway: Social media isn't just for marketers. Effective salespeople are also leveraging social media to boost sales.

4. 7 More Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of

Author: Adam Holden-Bache on Social Media B2B

Adam expands upon Social Media B2B's first social media tools list by highlighting seven additional tools that can be helpful for B2B social media marketers (and many of them free!).

Adam's suggested tools include Spredfast, Samepoint, Howsociable, SocialTALK, Sysomos Heartbeat, Blogpulse and Folowen. Have you used any of these tools to achieve satisfying results?

Marketing Takeaway: There are a number of great, free tools available to help you manage your social media engagement.

5. Is Twitter More Important Than LinkedIn for Personal Branding?

Author: Kyle Lacy on Personal Branding Blog

Facebook and Twitter are rising in popularity for small business brand engagement, according to a recent poll conducted by LinkedIn, which asked the question, " What is the most important new platform for brands to master? "

Kyle's article points out that businesses are starting to understand the value in social network involvement.  Because the influence of social networks is growing, he stresses the fact that businesses who aren't already using social tools are missing out, and that they should take advantage of these tools to garner more credibility and support for their brands.

Marketing Takeaway: More and more businesses are achieving results through social media marketing. What's stopping you?

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