How to Crowdsource Online Marketing Within Your Business

Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



“Our philosophy at MediPurpose is that it takes the experience and knowledge of everybody at the company to make this website work,” Derek Rudnak told me recently, explaining the reason behind his company’s marketing success. As the inbound marketing and communications specialist at MediPurpose , a healthcare solutions company, Derek consolidated the powers of product experts and website experts.

Bringing company-wide involvement to content creation and website design emerged as an effective business strategy for MediPurpose. Soon after Derek expanded his inbound marketing efforts to more employees, he saw positive results . Here are the five major areas his team tackles together:

Ask Employees to Suggest Industry-Specific Keywords

Though Derek is the communications specialist and main content creator at MediPurpose, he draws ideas for search engine optimization from other colleagues. As industry experts, his team members offer a richer and more powerful set of keyword combinations. They are not only able to optimize web pages for long-tail keywords , but also a great resource for overall keyword research.

Get Employees Involved in Blogging

Their blog is one of the most powerful inbound marketing weapons MedPurpose has, mostly thanks to the involvement of different employees. By engaging more people in the blogging process, Derek is helping them understand the power of a blog post as a business asset. What is more, his team gets truly excited to directly contribute to their company's success.

Teach Employees to Create Landing Pages

By giving more employees the opportunity to create landing pages , you can evaluate what language works better for your purposes. Determine which pages are the most creative or the better-optimized ones, and focus your efforts in that direction. Maybe there is someone in your company who uses keywords skillfully and can introduce compelling offers.

Get Employees Excited about Social Media

From a business perspective, social media works better as a communal effort. Allowing different team members at your company to contribute updates, news and ideas for interactive content, creates more opportunities for successful engagement.  It helps employees learn directly from your target audience and become better leaders.

Give Employees the Keys to the Store

The maintenance of your site remains the foundations in achieving company-wide engagement in inbound marketing. By using a simple content management system, you are giving your employees access to your site and encouraging them to make changes as necessary. Such behavior demonstrates trust and transparency, and motivates people to be more watchful.

Following these steps, Derek has successfully made inbound marketing a company-wide effort. "As far as truly understanding what our customers and visitors want, that is something I cannot do without the interaction and collaboration of others at MediPurpose," he said. "By giving them the tools to become involved with our website, we are just creating that much more of an effective website."

Disclosure: MediPurpose is a HubSpot customer that was recently featured as a case study .

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