60 Minutes of Marketing Insight from 60 Influential Speakers

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Tonight at 6 PM Eastern, a remarkable conference will take place.  Call it a "Speed Webinar" for people that like their education in bite-sized doses.  Each of the 60 presenters will have just 60 seconds to share something profound with the thousands of webinar attendees.  The event will be over in just about 60 minutes (some speakers had a difficult time editing their advice to under one minute, but the pace of this event should help it to go by super-fast.

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HubSpot is the lead sponsor of the "Shortest Marketing Conference Ever" webinar and Mike Volpe, Inbound Marketer Extraordinaire, will be one of the speakers. 

This event will help to answer questions such as:

How can you make sure that your business and brand stand out in the complex and competitive world of online media?

What are the critical tactics and strategies you need to be implementing online right now in order to attract more customers and earn greater trust with prospects?

During the Influencer Project conference, you'll gain key insights into those two questions.

Plus you'll learn:
  • How to discover and cultivate a tribe of like-minded individuals who support your work and increase your circle of influence...

  • What hasn't changed about business for over 300 years, that continues to make or break companies online...

  • One of the most common mistakes nearly every business makes that strips them of their power to connect more deeply with their constituents and prospects...

You can listen in live via phone or webcast. If you will have internet connection at the time of the broadcast, they recommend the latter, as their phone lines are limited.

And, if you're vacationing or having a barbeque dinner tonight, the production team will make the MP3 recording and PDF transcript available for your review after the conference is over. 

Register now , if you can find the time.

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