Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: Stand Out

Pamela Vaughan
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Our top inbound marketing article of the past week encourages fellow bloggers to learn to let loose and use their blogs as an "adult outlet for creativity."

1. Be a Kid Again and Make Your Blog Stand Out  

Author: Andrew Rondeau on Daily Blog Tips

Andrew's article motivates readers to get back in touch with their inner child in order to unlock creativity through blogging .

Because adults are often bogged down with work, paying bills and other responsibilities, outlets for creativity aren't as plentiful as  when we were children.  However, he highlights that blogging "takes an element of creative spirit to make it flourish" and can offer a great opportunity to get those creative juices flowing.  He urges bloggers to take risks and let it all hang out, and he calls out to non-bloggers to give blogging a chance.

Marketing Takeaway: Allow your creative side to shine through blogging. Who knows -- you might just stand out.

2. 12 Critical Keywords You Should be Monitoring in Social Media  

Author: Andy Beal on the Trackur Blog

Just starting to monitor your company and brand in social media? The Trackur Blog has a handy list of 12 keywords you should be monitoring on a regular basis (and explanations about why). 

Andy's top 12 include your personal name, your company name, your product brands, your CEO (and other executives), your media spokesperson, your marketing message, your competition, your industry, your known weakness, your business partners, your clients' news and your intellectual property.

Marketing Takeaway: When it comes to social media monitoring , keeping track of just your company name won't cut it. Make sure you have all your bases covered.

3. How to Hire a Good Web Analytics Person

Author: Evan LaPointe on Search Engine Land

Thinking of hiring someone to manage your web analytics ? Awesome! Web analytics is important.  Evan's article offers some pointers to help you get a hold of the right person.

Evan's suggestions?  Threaten yourself, hire at the right level and in the right place in the company, make sure the person you hire can align data with the fundamentals of your business, and find someone who fits the personality of your organization.

Marketing Takeaway: The decision to hire a web analytics person is a smart one; just make sure they're a good fit with your business.

4. Want More Readers? Try Expanding Your Internet Universe  

Author: Charlie Gilkey on Copyblogger

Exploration is the theme of this article, as Charlie asks readers to step out of their comfort zones and explore other galaxies in the internet universe. Chances are, the majority of us have settled into our own safe little corner of the web, visiting the same sites and social networks rather than boldly going out and traversing other internet galaxies.

Charlie pushes readers to do just this, emphasizing that the little galaxy you're occupying is only a small, crowded part of the universe, and if your goal is to expand your blog's audience, you need to start seeking out other galaxies and connecting with their citizens.

Marketing Takeaway: Attract more readers to your blog by stepping out of your comfort zone and interacting in other places on the web.

5. Six Ways to Connect With Customers  

Author: Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent

Valeria's article focuses on the various technological opportunities available that can give you better information about your customers' taste, purchasing history and hangouts.  Ultimately, she says, this information can make your marketing more relevant to your customers and help you achieve better results.

Valeria's six areas of opportunity include geolocation services, past history, contextual advertising, social filtering, following and a kick ass product or service.

Marketing Takeaway: View technology as an opportunity, not a hindrance, to become a better marketer.  

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