Rank number one in Google in five minutes?  Must be black hat , right? Wrong.

Many marketers and small business owners still fail to understand the marketing impact Twitter can have on a business.  Twitter isn’t only read by other Twitter junkies , it shows up in Google too.  And, in some cases it can be used to outrank behemoth competitors.

number 1

When using Google to search the web for information, one of the options that can be selected is to search the “Latest” results, rather than “Any time” results.  When “Latest” is selected, the results that are displayed in Google can be from a variety of sources including blogs, Facebook , and traditional news outlets; but if the most recent story comes from Twitter (and it frequently does), then that is what is shown first.

To demonstrate how quickly a business can have an impact using Twitter, I did a “Latest” Google search for the extremely competitive term: “ marketing ”.  What appeared as the number one result was a tweet by the marketing powerhouse Michael Trigilio .  Michael Trigilio?  OK, so maybe Michael is not a marketing powerhouse, but he did set up a Twitter account and without a single follower and on his second tweet he ranked number one in Google for the search term “marketing”.  It was literally a matter of seconds until he was ranked number two, but Michael still had his fifteen seconds of fame.

Below are the screenshots documenting Michael’s momentous accomplishment:

marketing serp Michael Trigilio

Marketing Take-Away

The point here is not to advocate for a strategy of using a Twitter account and a troop of monkeys to speed tweet your way into a consistent presence in the Google SERPs.  The point is that Twitter can have a significant and sustainable impact on your business if you follow a few simple guidelines:

- Create quality content that will generate interest when someone reads it.

- Have a link to allow people to find out more if they like your tweet.

- Tweet regularly.  Twitter is all about “recency” and your efforts to keep your content fresh are handsomely rewarded by Google and others.

- Get going!  Five minutes from now you really could be generating leads using Twitter.

- Remember to use keywords important to your business in your tweets.

- Download our free webinar on Twitter for Marketing & PR .

For the marketers out there who are already embracing Twitter maybe you can use the demonstration outlined above to help convince a doubting colleague or boss about the importance of tweeting for your business.  For the business owners out there who have been resisting Twitter , we hope you become inspired enough to consider adopting a Twitter strategy.

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds

Originally published Jul 12, 2010 3:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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