3 Tips for Building Effective Landing Pages

This is an older post. For more up-to-date information on landing pages, check out our 5-Step Guide to Optimizing Landing Pages  or see if you need to make any of these 10 Quick Fixes to Build Killer Landing Pages .

What is considered an effective landing page ?

Landing pages are where a business captures leads. An effective landing page is capable of getting a high proportion of site visitors to provide their contact information for future lead cultivation. This is no easy task, however. Based on interviews with Service Marketplace providers , we offer 3 tips to help you build effective landing pages.

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Before we dive in, it is important to note the interconnection between call-to-action buttons  and effective landing pages. Prospects don’t automatically land on a landing page, and you need a compelling call to action message to motivate them to learn more about your business—and thus fill out the lead conversion form on a landing page. Therefore, while you improve the effectiveness of your landing page, don’t forget to design call-to-actions that induce people to click on them.

1. Content on your landing pages needs to exactly match corresponding call-to-action messages.  

Prospects click on call to action buttons because they expect to receive information that a CTA button says the next page would provide. If they don’t quickly recognize the content on the corresponding landing page, they will leave. Therefore, make sure that whatever message your CTA button promotes is the focus of the landing page.

This tip carries one implication. Adhere to the rules for different stages of the sales cycle. Call-to-actions and landing pages can serve multiple stages of the sales cycle: obtaining contact information so that you can qualify leads later, getting leads to participate in demos so to allow more interactions, and the like. Depending on how close prospects are to becoming potential customers, their receptiveness to your products or services varies, and it won’t help you close deals if you push additional messages too early. Call-to-action buttons serve to proactively draw prospects closer to the selling point, while landing pages that correspond to CTA messages serve as a sign of respect for prospects’ choices. The combination of the two will make your website a rock-star sales representative.

2. Reduce required fields to what you absolutely need to achieve objectives for the current stage of sales.

Reducing required fields is analogous to making any part of a-call to-action button clickable . Both make it convenient for prospects to get what they want and thus increase their willingness to interact with your website. If you are at the stage of collecting contact information for future contacts, the four essential fields are: Name, Phone Number, E-mail, and Company.

Of course, you might also want prospects to provide more information that either reduces your sales reps’ work on researching leads or helps with data analysis. In that case, you can either make these non-essential fields optional or pick a select few fields. There is no rule for maximum number of required fields on a landing page, and you can experiment with slightly different numbers to decide how many fields yield the highest conversion rate for a particular page. In general, the more value prospects see in the resource they are getting (such as free trials instead of whitepapers), the more willing they are to follow instructions and fill out more fields. Utilize this consumer mentality well.

3. The infrastructure needs to be flexible so that you can experiment with different layouts and templates.

This probably applies to a webpage in general but is especially important for landing pages. As mentioned, experiments can help with determining the most effective number of fields for a landing page, which in turn makes it important to have an easy-to-change webpage. Having a flexible page can shorten your experiment period while helping you find the right number and launch it early.  

There are definitely more ways to optimize your landing pages, and this article provides only a peak at available effective strategies. Without considering any of these elements, however, a landing page is unlikely to be able to sign up lots of leads. Only by building a corresponsive, user-friendly, and flexible landing page can a business aspire to attain online marketing success.

What tips do you have for improving landing page conversions?

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