Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: Linkbait Techniques

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



HubSpot Link Bait Cartoon Linkbaiting often gets a bad rap, yet creating great content that generates inbound links is hardly a questionable technique. Agreed?

Our top inbound marketing article of the past week challenges the stereotype that linkbaiting is controversial and offers several great tips for creating link-worthy content.

1. 15 Linkbait Techniques for SEO and Social Media  

Author: Chris Lake on the Econsultancy Blog  

The reason linkbaiting has become such a frowned-upon term is because some techniques used for linkbaiting include intentionally exaggerating opinion. Still, Chris points out that linkbaiting can be done honestly -- simply by creating quality content .

He also emphasizes that, because of social media , creating linkbait content can not only drive inbound links but also retweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook. Therefore, Chris highlights 15 linkbaiting techniques that can be very successful. Some include creating an infographic, getting an exclusive, launching a competition or having an argument.

Marketing Takeaway: Creating great content is no crime. Remarkable content can be your ticket to social media success and inbound links.

2. 3 Faulty Assumptions to Avoid Making With Analytic Data

Author: Galen DeYoung of Search Engine Land

While Galen recognizes the importance of B2B marketing analytics , he also understands that not everyone always makes the best sense of them. His article discusses 3 common, faulty assumptions people make with analytic data and why you should avoid them. These 3 assumptions are:

  1. Your analytics tell you what people are searching for.
  2. High-volume keywords are the most important ones.
  3. The last click caused conversion.

Marketing Takeaway: Web analytics are important. Spend the time to truly understand what they're telling you and how they can help improve your marketing.

3. 7 Secrets of Running a Wildly Popular Blog

Author: Dean Rieck on Copyblogger

Dean's article explores the topic of popularity in terms of what makes the most successful blogs so successful. While he agrees that great content is evident in all successful blogs , he also believes that likeability -- of the blogger's attitude and personality -- is also a major factor.

So how does one become more likeable in order to create a more popular blog?  Dean advises to have a conversation, lighten up, be yourself, be nice, get over yourself, help people and stop trying so hard.

Marketing Takeaway: Make sure a likeable personality shows through in your blog (and create great content) to attract more readers.

4. 5 Steps to Winning Fans With Content Strategy

Author: Mike Corak on Convince & Convert

While we're on the topic of content, Mike shares his content relevance tips he's learned through competitive research about tapping into consumer demand. 

Because he believes remarkable content is the future of online marketing success , his article first suggests doing research to define content demand. Once content demand is nailed down, the article then provides steps to winning fans through a content strategy.

Marketing Takeaway: Create remarkable content that suits the needs of your prospects for online marketing results.

5. 12 Ways to Market Your Event With Social Media  

Author: Rich Brooks of Social Media Examiner

Whether it's for an in-person event like a conference, tweetup or meeting, or a virtual event like a webinar, virtual conference or teleclass, using social media can be a helpful tool to generate buzz, attract registrants and create a more interactive experience.

Rich's article serves as a comprehensive guide on the various ways you can use social media for event marketing leading up to, during and following an event to achieve maximum results.

Marketing Takeaway: Use social media to create a more engaging experience for attendees of your live and online events.

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