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When I started to study how presenters can get people to Tweet and blog about their presentations, I first conducted a survey in which I asked a bunch of questions about why people shared presentation content.


When I asked people how often they Tweeted about presentations, I found that for the most part people live-Tweet (Tweet in real time during the talk) and post-Tweet (Tweet after the presentation is over) pretty much interchangeably.


On the other hand, when I asked how often people blog about presentations, I found it to be a far more rare activity than Tweeting. Additionally, respondents reported live-blogging presentations much less than post-blogging them.

For most marketers, this means that you should focus on delivering "Tweetable" content to your audience, rather than "bloggable" content. You can do this by filling your presentation with 140-character-or-less sound bites.

Originally published Aug 10, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated October 01 2013


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