Yankee Magazine: Still Viable Thanks to Digital Content

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



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A very early adopter of online content, Yankee Magazine , the 75-year-old magazine has been publishing a favorite feature from its archives on its website every weekday.

The magazine, which also publishes the Old Farmer's Almanac , boasts 350,000 subscribers.  While the number represents just about one-third of the subscribers 25 years ago, their business model of relying upon subscription revenue instead of advertising dollars, has allowed Yankee to stay solvent while other publishers struggle to stay afloat. 

Jamie Trowbridge, Yankee Publishing CEO, says, “People are always saying print is dead. In fact, it hasn’t declined much. What is declining is advertising support.’’

Years ago, Yankee made some choices to stay relevant in an age when readers are more likely to browse a publication than read it cover to cover.  They dropped from 12 to six issues a year, added more service-oriented features and changed the publication format from its "digest" style to its current standard-size magazine.

Jud Hale, Yankee’s editor-in-chief, delivers a monthly podcast , which began in 2000, and is credited as the first offered by a consumer magazine.  He says, “The publishing industry changes are mostly in the delivery system. The editorial meetings are the same as they were 40 years ago,’’ he continued. “Do we want to run a piece about this-and-so? Content is the key.’’

Delivering relevant content, taking advantage of new channels of content distribution such as video , changing formats to meet the needs of the reader - all of these efforts continue to make Yankee magazine viable in a struggling industry.

As a marketer, what types of new channels for your remarkable content could you employ?  Adam Singer, author of The Future Buzz , says in a recent blog post, "Your content development process needs to be as agile as possible...Let’s face it, most business content is boring and published too infrequently to be effective.  Solve these two simple issues and it’s shocking how quickly you can leap ahead of competitors.  Almost no one fixes these two seemingly basic problems which spells opportunity for you."

As a marketer, what types of new content distribution channels could you employ?  Are you publishing content frequently?  And, are you creating remarkable content?  HubSpot customers are able to participate in a weekly Content Creation Camp that helps to frame out blog posts, subject lines, and effective publishing methods. 

What are you doing to stay viable in your industry?

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