Google Launches New Search Interface: Google Instant

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



describe the image Have you ever thought finding what you were looking for on Google took too long? Google did. Today, the search giant launched a new version of its search engine interface. Google is calling this new interface Google Instant . Google Instant provides real-time suggested results as a user begins to type a keyword into Google. 

See the video demonstration below from Google to get a better understanding of how this new search interface works:

Google Instant is a major change to Google’s search interface; it allows users to refine their search terms faster to find the result they are looking for. As users type in new keywords, the page of results updates in real-time to display the results for the new keyword phrase.

According to Google’s Ben Gomes, “Google Instant results in more search queries.” He also stated that although search rankings do not change with the release of Instant, long-term search behaviors may change. This change will also reduce the need for natural language search, meaning that users will likely reduce searches like "How to ..." and search for more speficific keyword phrases.


How Google Instant Changes SEO

Google Instant is a completely new user interface and experience for searchers, and this new interface will likely mean some changes for the search engine optimization industry. As Gomes said, the new interface will result in more searches, which is great for companies looking to get found organically through Google. 

Google Instant will likely cause a shift in SEO strategies. As you saw in the video demonstration above, the search results change almost instantly as the keyword phrase in the search box is edited. Because of this, people will spend more time refining keywords and ultimately focusing more on long tail keywords. Essentially, Google Instant will mean more searches for multi-word search phrases than before.

Google Instant also means a shift toward focusing even more on higher rankings for specific long tail keyword phrases. The Google Instant interface reduces the need to scroll down the page looking for better results and essentially eliminates the need to look at anything other than the first page of search engine results. Users will look at the first three to five results at the top of the page without having to scroll; if they don’t see what they are looking for, they will adjust their search phrase instead of scrolling or visiting the next page of results. 

Ultimately Google Instant means a more personalized search experience, and it ensures that search results are no longer static. Search results continue to become more customized to individuals and their habits and preferences. While long tail keywords are now even more important, the changes Google made today only reinforce that to be found by qualified visitors online, you need to create and publish relevant content that is valuable and solves the problems of your prospects and customers.

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