Dear @THE_REAL_SHAQ Please Come Be On #HubSpotTV

Kyle James
Kyle James



Shaq on the Celtics The following post is a promotional plea to get Shaq to be on HubSpot TV .  HubSpot TV is a live video podcast filmed every Friday afternoon at 4PM ET and runs about half an hour. In this half hour, @mvolpe and @karenrubin talk about the inbound marketing stories of the previous week. They regularly have expert marketers as guest on the show and engage with online viewers through twitter . It is a great and very informative half hour to close out your week.

Dear Shaq,

I had a dream the other week. Last Saturday I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep because of my dream. It wasn’t a scary dream. It was a pretty excited dream. The reason I couldn’t go back to sleep is because the more I thought about it the more I realized it could actually happen!

I dreamed that you stopped by HubSpot one Friday and that you were on HubSpot TV!

After I woke up my wheels started spinning. Everything I thought about was shaping a vision about how this could actually become reality. Everyone knows that you are a BIG social media user.  If you don’t believe me check out your 3.2 million Twitter followers or 1.2 million fans on Facebook . Is it unrealistic that if I can write a remarkable story of my dream and that people would want to share the story to help me recruit you to be on our show? Shaq, you are an incredible individual who has done many unbelievable and interesting things in your life. You are a marketing all-star! You bet you are my hero! Of course I want to meet you and not just in a dream!

As the wheels continued to turn there were some specific reasons that I knew made this dream come true:

Could You Be On the HubSpot TV 10/22 at 4PM?

So please make my dream come true! Would you please come by the HubSpot Office on 10/22 at 4PM for our show? Here is a link to our office tour . If that date doesn’t work with you Papa Diesel, please give us a Friday at 4PM that works. Our office is actually pretty close to the Garden, only about a mile. So it might even be something you could fit in before an 8PM home game?

Twitter Please Retweet To everyone else reading this: Please help by either retweeting or sharing this story with Shaq .

HubSpot TV is a public event, and everyone is welcome to HubSpot HQ to watch the show live in our studio audience. Join the online audience by tuning in on your computer at .

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