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This lesson emerged from the Science of Lead Generation webinar with HubSpot’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella as attendees posted their inquiries. Here are our answers to some of the top questions we received during the live session:

Are more calls-to-actions within a single landing page effective?

Each landing page should revolve around one primary call-to-action. That way the content on the page can educate readers and offer them a path to extend the learning experience. For instance, a “Subscribe” CTA suits a blog, while a Free Trial button fits in well on a homepage . That being said, multiple calls-to-action offer opportunities for different types of conversions—from newsletter subscriptions to product demos. If your visitor is not yet ready to request a custom demo, she could be nurtured more after subscribing to your newsletter.

What measures should you take if your email click-through rates drop?

If you notice a drop in your email click-throughs, start testing various marketing offers with different subject lines and keywords. Take a note of which ones perform best and create more content around them. Consider conducting these tests early and experiment with old marketing offers that will present a wider selection of content pieces.

How can you boost high-quality leads rather than just lead volume?

Education is the primary activity that turns visitors into more sales-ready leads. If you are purchasing leads through online directories or other external sources, the chances are that they won’t be well educated about your company and product. If, however, your educational resources complement your marketing offers, the leads will be inherently more interested. So start producing educational kits and whitepapers and don’t forget to blog !

What content types lead to better conversions?

Dan Zarrella’s research shows that webinars and whitepapers result in higher conversions than reports or demos. This data emphasizes the power of education as a factor in winning the trust of webiste visitors. While giving out broader and valuable information for free drives more leads to your site, focusing on product specifics will help you turn those leads into sales. So make sure you keep a healthy balance of various content types and topics, and get ready to do lots of testing.

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How do you know what landing page led to a sales conversion?

Tracking performance remains the foundation of lead generation. In order to invest money and effort in the right marketing offers, you will need to know what landing pages resulted in high-quality leads and customers. At HubSpot, we are firm believers in closed-loop marketing and measure the performance of our landing pages within our software. HubSpot’s Sources tool enables us to follow a visitor from the first conversion event, through all submitted forms, to the point where she became a customer. That type of reporting helps us design landing pages according to best practices in the industry.

Do you have tips that have helped you boost lead generation? Share them in the comments below!

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