Eliminate Direct Mail

Even for charities, direct marketing appeals started falling since 2008 . The Internet has long become the channel for sparking product interest and building relationships with prospects. This is the lesson Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs , a chain of New England area health clubs, learned when they eliminated print advertising. “We stopped doing all of our direct mail,” said Lee Crabb, BHAC's PR and marketing specialist. Her company dropped the production of 15,000-25,000 pieces of direct mail that were distributed every season. “And we really haven’t seen any decrease in new members, which is huge for us,” she noted. This success story demonstrates the need for improved online presence rather than ineffective outbound techniques.

Businesses Can’t Measure Direct Mail

If you hear the argument that direct mail is still an indispensable part of one’s marketing strategy, ask to see measurable results. Did somebody open that envelope you mailed for a new promo? Did the recipient take any action? Can they give you real-time feedback? These are the types of questions you won’t be able to answer through traditional marketing. You will need a much more advanced system to tackle them.

Measure Success by Traffic & Leads

BHAC Case Study

BHAC, for instance, focused on the creation of landing pages which show views, form submissions and conversion rates. Such data helps the company develop smarter marketing and successfully transition to modern marketing.

Are you planning on dropping direct mail in your new marketing iniaitves?

Disclosure: Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs is a HubSpot customer .

Originally published Oct 21, 2010 6:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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