Why Social Media is BS

Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



Why Social Media is BS

The transformation of marketing started long before social media was popular, and it is only one factor in the revolution happening today.

Social media won’t make your products better.

Social media won’t make you or your company more interesting.

Using social media won’t make your customers happier.

Hiring an intern to do social media won’t transform your company.

There is a lot of hype around social media, and too little realism.

Social media is not a strategy or a technique, it is a technology or a tool.

Social media can be one powerful tool among others in your inbound marketing toolbox.  Learn how to integrate social media into your marketing in a free webinar.

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Free Webinar: Why Social Media is BS!

Free Webinar: Why Social Media is BS!

Learn how to integrate social media tools with your current marketing strategy in order to fully capture the benefits.

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