snowy evergreen tree In an inbound marketing culture where there is a strong emphasis on the regular creation of fresh, original content, it's easy to overlook the potential of evergreen content .

Taking advantage of evergreen content, or content you previously published, can have a number of benefits. Due to the fact that you put a lot of thought, time, and effort into your content, it only makes sense to re-purpose it.

Evergreen content may not be fresh, but it can still attract visitors to your website and generate leads for your business. We've discussed the basics of promoting evergreen content in social media before, so here are some tips for using landing pages and marketing analytics to derive more value from your evergreen content.

Create Landing Pages

When we talk about evergreen content, we're referring to anything from blog articles to webinars to ebooks and whitepapers. In terms of the latter three, hopefully you created unique landing pages for each of the webinars/ebooks/whitepapers you initially produced to collect sign-ups and generate leads.

To continue generating leads from past webinars, create new landing pages so people can sign up to receive an archived webinar recording if they missed the live presentation. Creating new landing pages will also enable you to track leads generated from the archive separately from leads generated from the live webinar. While some marketers have historically paid agencies and waited for their IT departments to create their landing pages, using a tool like HubSpot’s inbound marketing software can help make creating new landing pages simple and cost-effective, allowing even non-technical marketers and website owners to easily create as many landing pages as needed to convert more visitors into leads.

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Use Marketing Analytics

When promoting evergreen content in social media or when linking to it in other content (e.g. new blog articles), you want to make sure you're promoting the best of your older content. It's likely content that performed well when it was first published will also perform well when promoted again.

Monitoring and tracking analytics is a great way to help you to strategically and intelligently pinpoint which of your evergreen content should be used in promotion. For evergreen blog articles, the metric that is the best indicator of an article's success is page views. Tools such as HubSpot's Blog Analytics Dashboard , which indicates page views per article and allows you to sort articles by the most page views, comments, inbound links, and by date published or author, can offer helpful data about past articles' success.

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In a similar fashion, to ensure you're promoting your best offer content (e.g. ebooks, webinars, whitepapers), analytics can also help you identify which of your evergreen content offers generated the most leads in the past, indicating the likelihood they will perform well when promoted again. HubSpot's Landing Page Dashboard provides analytics and lets you sort by such metrics as conversion rate to help identify which of your offers were most successful. Analytics can also be helpful to measure the success of your evergreen content promotion by tracking how well the new landing pages you've created for such offers like archived webinars are performing.

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Analyze Traffic Sources

Want to know if your evergreen content promotion efforts are generating results? Track the amount of social media traffic coming to your blog since you started promoting evergreen content in social media. HubSpot's Sources tool allows you to segment traffic based on its sources like social media or direct traffic. Do you notice a spike in social media traffic sources since you started incorporating evergreen promotion?

hubspot social media sources resized 600 How else can you using landing pages or marketing analytics to leverage evergreen content promotion?

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Originally published Nov 15, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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