I've been doing a ton of research for my upcoming Science of Blogging webinar on December 9th and I've found a bunch of really interesting things, including some differences in the way men and women read blogs.

This data comes from a survey conducted with over 1400 social-media using American adults.

More Men Read Blogs More than Once a Day

gender freq

The first difference I noticed was that while 51% of men report reading blogs "more than once a day," only 43% of women say the same.

Women are More Likely to Subscribe to a Blog via Email

gender how

When I asked survey takers how they read blogs, I found that 55% of women subscribed to blogs via email, while only 43% of men did.

More Men Read Blogs at Night

gender when

I also asked survey takers when they read blogs and I found that 56% of men report reading blogs in the "evening" and 45% at "night." On the other hand, only 49% of women say they read in the evening and only 35% read them at night.

How do your own habits compare to these results?

Originally published Dec 6, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated October 18 2015