If you do inbound marketing correctly, you'll be generating tons of leads for your business. But then how do you figure out how to prioritize your leads to make the most out of your limited time?

Using data collected in your marketing software package ( like HubSpot ) and your customer relationship management (CRM) program, you can slice and dice your leads to identify who are your best leads.

4 Ways to Segment Your Best Leads

1. Key Conversion Events

As an inbound marketing best practice, you want to have a variety of conversion offers on your site that may appeal to different audiences or prospects at different stages of the sales process. Perhaps you have a weekly email newsletter, an ebook on "5 tips to understanding (your industry challenge)", and a free product trial call to action. Which one generates the best leads?

HubSpot Customer Tip: Slice and dice your leads in your CRM integrated with HubSpot based on "first conversion event" to see which offers generate the best leads for you.

2. Website Behavior

HubSpot Customer Tip: Slice and dice your leads by lead intelligence fields including # Page Views, # Website Visits, or # Conversion Events.

3. Lead Source

Do your best leads come from organic search? Or social media? Or tradeshows? Knowing the best sources for your best leads can help you determine where to invest your future marketing efforts.

HubSpot Customer Tip: Measure specific lead generation campaigns by analyzing your leads' Found Site Via data or get closed loop analytics for your lead generation channels by using HubSpot Sources .

4. Demographics

The most common way to slice and dice your leads is by demographics. What questions do you ask/collect - Role? Size of company? As an added bonus, you might find that some demographic questions you ask on your form don't have any impact on the quality of the lead - so take it out! Shorter forms convert at a higher rate, so this opens up the opportunity to optimize your conversion process.

HubSpot Customer Tip: Add your most critical demographic questions to your landing pages and analyze your leads by the information you collect.

Next Steps

Your next step is to analyze theses segments to identify which ones are the best. In my next post, I'll review 4 key metrics for analyzing these segments.

Do you have other strategies for segmenting your leads? Share your experiences in the comments!

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Originally published Dec 14, 2010 4:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017


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