What's Your Best Innovative Marketing Idea for 2011?

Karen Rubin
Karen Rubin



2011 calendar During 2010 we saw many amazing marketing campaigns that creatively pulled together communities, used social media in new and cool ways and innovated on marketing as we know it. We covered many of these on HubSpot.tv including some of my personal favorites such as, Old Spice Man , WePay Icing of Pay Pal , Bing Decoding of Jay Z and Posterous's Mobile Bloggers .

So the question is, what will be done in the 2011 to top these? Here at HubSpot , we expect the following trends to take hold or continue changing the way marketing is done.

Social Media's Influence on SEO Will Grow

In just the past few weeks, LinkedIn Groups have been opened to the public and Bing announced they are going to enhanced their search algorithm so your friend preferences affect what results you see. As search engines continue to include social media in search results, your participation across the social web will become more and more important in helping your business get found. 

Mobile Devices Will Become More Important to Marketers

In March, Nielsen predicted that 1 in 2 Americans will have a smartphone by the end of this year . The year end numbers aren't out yet, but Apple announced in October that they had sold 14.1 million iPhones in their fiscal fourth quarter alone. The importance of mobile in your marketing campaigns will only continue to grow in 2011 as adoption continues to rise.

Social Media Will Become More Integrated with Mainstream Marketing and Business

  Social Media was off and running in 2010 with everyone from mainstream organizations such as Gap , Sears , Amex , McDonalds , Ben & Jerry's and NASA , to the Mayor of Newark NJ embracing it. Customers expect companies to be more transparent and engaging online and have shown this in everything from the BP oil spill to the Dominos pizza turnaround . If you aren't talking with your customers online, answering their questions and engaging with them on a regular basis, they will go elsewhere to get the information they need.

Here at HubSpot, we want to know what you are planning for 2011 in order to take these changing trends into account. And we're willing to offer up a prize in order to hear about your ideas. 

Leave a comment telling us about something new and different you are going to do this year in order to embrace the changes in marketing. If we get 100 comments before midnight (EST) on January 2, we will randomly select 5 lucky winners of Inbound Marketing books. If we get 101 comments we will give out an iPod touch and if we get 500 comments, we'll give out an iPad as well. 

So, tell us about your biggest marketing plans of 2011 and have a wonderful new year!

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