7 Presentation Secrets From SlideShare

no bullets At HubSpot we love great presentations, so when presentation sharing site SlideShare released its 2010 Zeitgeist summary we had to share it. In its analysis of presentations for 2010, SldieShare discovered some interesting correlations, many of the same that HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella uncovered in his Science of Presentations research.

Secrets Behind Popular Presentations

1. Popular presentations have more slides. While most presentations are short (19 slides on average), popular presentations are longer (63 slides on average).

2. Popular presentations use fewer words. On average popular presentations only used 24 words per slide.

3. On average women use fewer slides than men. Women use 18 slides per presentation while men use 20 on average.

4. Nationalities present differently.   Japanese language presenters use the most slides on average—42 slides per presentation. English language presenters, on the other hand, use the fewest slides per presentation—19.

5. Apple Keynote users make popular presentations. While Keynote was only used by 2% of the presenters, 16% of the most popular presentations were made using Keynote.

6. Business, trends and statistics dominate popular tags. Tags are words used to describe presentations on SlideShare. The most popular presentation tags for 2010 included business, market, trends, research, social media and statistics.

7. Popular presentations don’t use serifs. While 10% of popular presentations used the serif font Times New Roman , the majority of popular presentations included fonts without serifs such as Arial and Helvetica.

Marketing Takeaway

Presentations are a visual medium for story-telling and persuasion; don’t treat them like another document. Looks matter but, more importantly, clear ideas matter. Take the time to distill ideas with powerful images and fewer words in your presentations. If you need help, check out our rules for presentations for some additional guidelines.

What was your favorite presentation of 2010?

You can view SlideShare’s 2010 Zeitgeist below. 

SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010
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