What do a suitcase company, a manufacturer and a financial advisory firm have in common? Inbound marketing best practices that yield positive results!

In HubSpot's latest eBook , written in collaboration with best-selling author David Meerman Scott , we cover a number of marketing strategies used by 11 different organizations. Read about the successes of a Museum and an artist, a medical software provider and a pumping and dredging company. Each of them can offer a valuable lesson for fellow marketers searching for practical tips and ways to implement marketing best practices!

The ebook will cover specific strategies and teach you how to:

  • Turn Contests into PR Opportunities
  • Increase Your Online Visibility with Video
  • Conduct Keyword Research to Identify Industry Trends
  • Rank High in Search Engines through Blogging
  • Do a Website Redesign for Best Results

Can you identify with any of the stories featured in this eBook? If so, what connections do you see?

Originally published Jan 11, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated March 21 2013