10 Marketing Stories You Need To Know Tonight

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar




10 Marketing Stories to Keep You in the Know

1. Google vs. Bing: The Fallacy Of The Superior Search Engine - The folks at Search Engine Land have done an interesting experiment showing that Bing actually delivers better quality search results than Google. 

2. Survey Says: Mobile Purchase Behavior Is on the Rise - According to a new study, Marketing Pilgrim reports, 33 percent of consumers used their cell phone for shopping during the 2010 holiday season. This is an all-time high.

3. 26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn - Want to get better at using LinkedIn? Social Media Examiner has a new post that provides tips and tricks to make you a LinkedIn ninja.

4. Investing vs. Wasting Budget on SEO - How much should you spend on SEO? Lee Odden over at the Top Rank Blog breaks down how to think about investing in SEO.

5. 6 Web Pioneers on What the Internet Will Look Like in the Future  - Check out this article from Mashable to learn how the Web might look different in the future. Pioneers from the early days of the Web share their insights on the next big things to happen online.

6. Lost in a Digital World - In one of his newest posts, Seth Godin minds marketers of the crowded digital world in which we all live. What do all of these digital interruptions mean for us?

7. Social Gaming to Be A $1B Market in 2011; Virtual Goods to Bring in $653M - Think social games aren't big business? Think again. Techcrunch reports that social gaming will be a $1 billion business in 2011.

8. How Do You Brand Bad News? - If you are looking for a branding fix, the folks over at Logo Design Love offer a new branding book that will make marketers' hearts skip a beat.

9. Is Link Relevance as Effective as Anchor Text? - Anchor text is one of those SEO terms that always gets mentioned. Search Engine Watch examines if link relevance can be just as important for SEO.

10. 38 Critical Books Every Blogger 
Needs to Read - Not that you don't already have enough to do, but the folks over at Copy Blogger have put together a list of 38 books ever blogger should read. Go warm up your book light.

What other stories from the past few days would you add to this list?

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