champagne My last two posts reviewed how to setup and promote a webinar , and then how to host your first webinar . In this final post, I'll review what comes next - how to figure out how the presentation went and how to make the most out of this great content you just created.

How to Host Your First Webinar - Part 3: After the Webinar

Stage 4: Measure & Next Steps

24 hours after the webinar

  • Post Your Webinar Slides and Recording Online - If you offered this to your attendees, create a page on your website where people can view and/or download the slides and video from your presentation. As a bonus, I recommend posting your slides (we usually do so in PDF format rather than PPT) to a slide sharing site like SlideShare . In addition to spreading your content further, SlideShare has an embeddable slide viewer that you can post on your own website.
  • Follow Up with Registrants with the Slides and Recording - Now tell your registrants where they can go to view and/or download the slides and recording you just posted.
  • Measure Your Webinar Statistics - How do you know if your event was a success? Measure a few key metrics for each webinar you host, including number of registrants, what percentage of registrants attend (40% is the industry average), conversion rate on your registration landing page , and of course how many new leads and customers you generated from this event.
  • Make it Evergreen - Your live event may be over, but that content can continue to serve as a lead generating tool. Some ideas to make your content "evergreen" are to create a landing page to download the archived presentation , and write a follow up blog post to drive additional interest to your archived download.

What else do you look at to measure the success of your webinars? Any other ideas to make your content "evergreen"?

Now Go Become a Webinar Legend!

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Originally published Mar 31, 2011 9:02:00 AM, updated July 28 2017