6 Reasons HubSpot Wants YOU as an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Diana Urban
Diana Urban



hubspot wants you inbound marketing consultant HubSpot is hiring NOW, and we’re looking for Inbound Marketing Consultants (IMC). We’re growing fast and adding new customers all the time, so we need to add to our rockstar consulting team. As an IMC, you’d be part of an industry-leading team that works to shape an entire generation of marketers. Our consultants get to learn a tremendous amount of internet marketing from the best in the business by being part of our team. Not to mention, you’d get to benefit from our unique No Vacation Policy .

Here are 6 reasons we’d think you’d make a great Inbound Marketing Consultant:

1. You enjoy teaching people about marketing

You’re a people person, and you’re passionate about marketing (particularly the online sort). Perhaps you already have a marketing blog in which you teach your readers the latest marketing trends, or maybe you have account management experience at an advertising agency. You have the ability to inspire people to do marketing the right way, and you’ll be able to find creative ways to show customers how HubSpot can help them achieve their marketing goals.

2. You’re an online marketing expert

Not only are you well-versed in search engine optimization, social media, blogging, lead generation, and email marketing, but you think these are the most awesome things since sliced bread.

3. You learn Speedy Gonzales fast

When you join HubSpot, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of our HubSpot software, as well as the above elements of online marketing that you’re not an expert of yet. But our month-long training program will help you get up to speed, and your coworkers will always be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

4. You enjoy working at a place where you can make a big impact

At HubSpot, you won’t be pigeon-holed. Even though HubSpot’s getting pretty big at nearly 200 people, we have that start-up culture that encourages you to do whatever you can to make the company better, even if it falls outside of your primary job responsibility. And management really cares about employees’ opinions, and if something’s broken, you can step up and fix it. Silly things like office politics won’t hold you down at HubSpot.

5. You can quickly adapt to change

Since HubSpot is still a start-up at heart, change happens often. You’re the type of person who LIKES change, relishes flexibility, and is eager to take on new challenges all the time.

6. You work hard and play hard

You work until the job is done excellently, rather than when the clock ticks to 5pm. But in exchange, you have unlimited vacation time, and a manager will never look at you sideways if you work from home because of bad weather or sickness. And you also love hanging out with coworkers after work. HubSpotters love hanging out with other HubSpotters, and we want our new HubSpotters to fit right in.

If you’re interested in joining our rockstar team of Inbound Marketing Consultants, visit the Inbound Marketing Consultant job listing and click the link “Apply” at the bottom. Also be sure to check out our HubSpot Jobs website to read more about our awesome HubSpot culture.

Diana Urban  is a User Experience Manager at HubSpot. You can follow her on Twitter  @dianaurban .

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