4 Ways Amazon's New Facebook Integration Impacts eCommerce

Billy MacDonald
Billy MacDonald



A number of factors influence consumer purchasing decisions; price, availability, and customer service to name a few. The people we’re connected to and their opinions also play a major role in what and how we buy. Of these people, friends and family typically carry the most influence and we’re connected with friends and family through Facebook .

Recently, Amazon has brought influencers and the products we buy closer together than ever by integrating Facebook with their online marketplace. TheFind.com already did a similar Facebook integration , but you can expect Amazon’s release to have a bigger impact because of its large existing customer base and popularity. Connecting your Facebook account to the shopping superpower allows you to (according to Amazon): amazon facebook integration resized 600

  • Discover Amazon recommendations for movies, musics, and more based on your Facebook profile.
  • See upcoming birthdays and find Amazon Wish Lists for your friends on Facebook more easily.
  • Get gift suggestions for your friends based on their Facebook profiles.
  • Explore your friends’ profiles and see who has similar interests.
View the slidedeck outlining all of Amazon's Facebook integrations functionality .

So, how will this integration and all other changes as a result of Amazon’s new feature effect social media’s impact on our eCommerce shopping behaviors? Here are a few ways Amazon’s Facebook integration will change the eCommerce game and force others to follow suit to complete:

1. More Purchases Due to Mid-Transaction Influences

The physical presence of your friends and family when you’re deciding whether or not to go through with a purchase can have a huge influence on the ultimate decision. “Just get it”, “you should buy this” and “I want one” are common phrases when shopping with friends.  Now products on Amazon will include your Facebook friends who are also interested in that item, giving you that little push to proceed to checkout.

2. Exposure to New Products

New products are being released every day and it’s hard to keep up with. By digging into your profile Amazon can recommend products to you every time you shop in their store. Undoubtedly many of these suggestions will involve products you haven’t heard about or that you had previously never considered purchasing until then.

3. Increased Purchases During Holidays and Birthdays

At one point or another we’ve struggled with finding the perfect gift for a loved one or friend during those special times of the year. Amazon’s ability to suggest gifts for friends and family will help take the pressure off consumers by providing viable answers to the burning question of what to get them.

4. Social Incentives To Purchase

Wanting new and better things others already have is a powerful factor in purchasing behavior. Many of us want the latest and greatest and this desire increases when the people we know have it. The ability to see your Facebook connection’s Amazon Wish Lists will push consumers purchases to not only get the desired product but also “keep up with the Jones’”.

What other ways do you envision Amazon’s Facebook integration changing the way social media can impact eCommerce websites?

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