How Do You Trigger Interest in Your Content? [Marketing Cast]

Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



You might be already convinced in the value of content creation for marketing purposes. But how do you go about creating the type of content that will trigger the most interest in your target audience?

The most important thing from a best practice perspective, David Meerman Scott says, is not talking about yourself and your product. "Instead, think about the people you want to reach. Understand how you can provide value to them," he says.

In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , David discusses ways in which you can wrap your mind around interesting content creation.

Examine a Case Study

It is a good idea to pick a case study of a company that is doing something similar and examine their strategy. David gave as an example HubSpot and our way of providing businesses with valuable marketing resources to draw people in and prompt them to learn more about our product . But there are a ton of other companies from different industries practicing the same religion. For instance, some of our customers totally rocking at blogging include  River Pools & Spas Lauren's Hope  and PrimePay .

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Think about the people you are trying to reach and segment them into groups or buyer personas, as David calls them. Then, you can start creating content especially targeted to them. As an example David points out the hotel business industry where marketers have very distinct personas they can focus on, e.g. independent business travelers, conference organizers, couples looking to hold a wedding reception... Each one of these requires a different type of content.

It is hard not to talk about our products, David admits. That is what we have been taught to do. But if you focus on the people you are trying to reach, your marketing will be much more effective.

Do you have any best practices for creating content that will trigger great interest in your target audience?

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