b2b blogThis article is a guest blog post from David Michaelangelo Silva is Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Blue Link, an inventory management & accounting ERP software provider and an active HubSpot customer.

Benefits of Business-to-Business Blogging.  Ah, how I love alliteration.

HubSpot has gone over how to use blogging to generate leads and the importance of blogging many times. However, I thought I would take a somewhat different angle, focusing specifically on business-to-business and benefits over and above generating leads.

Keep in touch with and inform prospects and customers

Blogging need not only be about generating business directly. In fact, the most successful blogs are those that distance themselves from sales. No one likes to read a blog that is sales pitch after sales pitch. Instead, use it to inform your prospects with relevant content. However, it need not stop there as you can also use your blog to engage with your customers as well. HubSpot focuses a lot of building a relationship with prospects but it is equally important to keep your current customers coming back. Blogging can help keep them thinking about you and material can be re-used in customer communication like newsletters.

Educate and your target audience & drive traffic

Blogging about high-level topics related to your business allows you to be the first point of contact for prospects searching for information. For example, if you sell a somewhat complex product or service, consider writing posts to explain the product. For example, at Blue Link, we sell ERP software for we posted “What is ERP software” for those who are not familiar with the industry-related acronym.

These high-level topics are likely to increase traffic dramatically if done correctly. The traffic will be at the very top of the funnel with some irrelevant traffic; however, increased traffic will lead to more leads over time.

Become a knowledge expert                                                                                                 

Chances are you (or someone within your company) is an expert in your industry. Blogging is your opportunity to show off your knowledge within the industry. It can be used to build trust and confidence in your company’s expertise which can lead to increased conversions and make it easier to close sales. Use blogging as a means to empty your everyday thoughts on your business and industry.

Honorable mention:

  • It is relatively easy and should not take significant resources, especially if you are simply sharing knowledge that is already floating freely around in your head.
  • Not blogging could hurt you. Your competitors are likely blogging so it will not look good on you if you are not. Your competitors may already be enjoying the benefits listed above.

Originally published Nov 1, 2011 4:55:00 PM, updated January 21 2014