Why Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages?

Why wouldn't you drive traffic to your landing pages? Landing pages, in HubSpot terms, are pages with a form on them. Landing pages allow visitors to your website to fill in a form and give you their contact information in exchange for something of value, like a tip sheet, guide, eBook, etc.

Landing pages are like asking a person to coffee - you won't always get a 'yes' when you ask, but if you don't ask at all, the change of getting a 'Yes' is zero.

Give yourself more opportunities to go out for coffee. Drive traffic to your landing pages!

How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages

  1. Download the 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages
  2. Download the 2 Ways to Promote Your Content Offers
  3. Video explaining how to drive traffic to your Landing Pages

What Driving Traffic to Your Landing Pages can do!

Driving traffic to your landing pages can increase your lead conversion by getting more people in front of your landing page offers. Also, since more visitors will see your offers in a shorter time frame, you can identify landing pages and offers that aren't working and fix them quickly.

Lastly, with more people looking at your landing pages and possibly filling out your forms, you have the opportunity of increasing your website traffic as people share your great content with their networks!

Originally published Apr 13, 2011 12:38:00 PM, updated September 17 2020