RR hubspot iconNow HubSpot users can track inbound phone leads right alongside their web leads with Inbound Call Tracking by RingRevenue, one of the newest apps available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

With HubSpot, it's easy to find out which sources are driving your online leads. But how do you know which of your inbound marketing efforts are leading to phone calls? What happens when a prospect calls the phone number on your website instead of filling in a lead form?

The Inbound Call Tracking App from RingRevenue will track your inbound phone calls like clicks and record them as lead form submissions in HubSpot. You now have a one-stop shop to see which of your inbound marketing efforts are delivering phone and online leads.

You can try the RingRevenue Inbound Call Tracking app free for 30 days.

Here’s what your subscription includes:

  • Detailed call tracking of your website visitors
  • RingPool™ Dynamic Phone Number Assignment on your website
  • Automatic HubSpot lead creation/merge for each phone call
  • Paid and organic keyword-level call source tracking
  • Real-time caller analytics
  • Ability to listen to call recordings
  • Up to 1,000 caller minutes per month (we'll notify you by email if you approach your limit)
  • Up to 10 unique promo phone numbers (7 for RingPool™ Dynamic Phone Number Assignment plus up to 3 additional dedicated promo phone numbers you can use in campaigns such as outbound email, offline, etc.)

How it works

Inbound Call Tracking by RingRevenue is simple and powerful. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to find.

Dynamic Tracking Numbers

When a prospect visits your website, a unique Inbound Call Tracking phone number will be dynamically displayed in place of your main phone number. This phone number will be uniquely assigned to your web visitor and the referral source of that visit (search engine, keyword, etc.).

When that web visitor calls that unique Inbound Call Tracking phone number, it will ring to your main number. Once the call completes, the details associated with that call will be captured and stored alongside your web leads in HubSpot so you can easily see what lead source brought them to your site.

If the lead is a repeat visitor that has previously converted on your website, their phone lead information gets appended right to their lead form data. The lead record has a link to the call recording so that you can add important details to the lead record, like first name, last name, and email address.

Call Tracking ScreenShot 1

Dedicated Tracking Numbers

Also included are up to three dedicated Inbound Call Tracking phone numbers that you can use to track the campaign performance of your ads. These phone numbers can be included in offline, online, or mobile ad campaigns so that you can see exactly what campaigns are driving phone calls for your business. Calls to these dedicated numbers are also tracked as new leads within HubSpot.

Easy-to-use reporting also gives you a bird’s eye view of your daily, weekly, and monthly call traffic, caller details, and access to call recordings.

Call Tracking Screenshot 2

Visit the HubSpot App Marketplace to try Inbound Call Tracking for free for 30 days.

Originally published Apr 5, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated December 16 2013