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New Pages App Makes It Easier to Optimize Your Site

by Diana Urban


May 7, 2012 at 1:23 PM

In an effort to deliver the best user experience possible, we've transformed our Page Grader application and Visits By Page report into a new Pages report. Like the old apps, Pages will let you track all of your most vital page metrics, including page views, on-page SEO elements, ranked keywords, and internal links.

But we've added lots of useful new features, along with a better user experience, to deliver you a more helpful report. Here are some of the most important changes:

1. Find Pages in its new location

Page Grader used to be under the Optimize tab in HubSpot's top navigation, but you can now find it under Analyze.

Pages in Navigation

2. Get better on-page SEO recommendations

When your on-page SEO isn't complete for a page on your site, HubSpot tells you exactly what you need to fix. It will let you know not only what's missing, but will also provide detailed recommendations based on the best practices of each SEO element.

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3. See how your SEO efforts have improved over time

The Pages report now includes analytics for each and every page on your site, including:

  • Page views
  • Percent complete (of on-page SEO elements)
  • Ranked Keywords
  • Inbound Links

Better still, you can adjust the date range to determine how your SEO efforts have improved over time.

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4. Track internal and inbound links in one place

Pages now lets you see all of your inbound links and their associated link grade, without the need to jump back and forth to Link Grader.

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5. See blog post analytics

If you select HubSpot blog post from the pages dropdown, you'll be able to see blog post analytics data. This will let you see which of your blog posts generate the most traffic, links, and comments, and also which blog contributors have written the most successful posts.

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6. See your CTA performance on a per-page basis

In the Call-to-Action dashboard, you can see the overall click-through rate of each CTA that you create. Now in Pages, you can see the click-through rate on each individual page. 

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With the release of Pages -- now available to all customers -- the old Page Grader and Visits By Page tools will disappear, as the functionality of these two apps have been rolled up into the new tool. Look for more to be included in this new app soon.



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