Your HubSpot Contacts database allows you to store hundreds of custom fields of data about your contacts. We've seen people go way beyond the usual first name, last name, company name fields to has attended a trade show, kid's birthday, and favorite ice cream flavor.

Having all of this great information for each contact all in the same place generally makes the salespeople who use HubSpot delirious with joy. It doesn't matter where you got the information from -- on a landing page, over the phone, in casual conversation at an event -- when it's time to reach out to a contact and strike up a conversation, having this data at your fingertips makes everything so much easier.

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But it can also be overwhelming. Who needs a contact page with a hundred or more property fields, many of them blank?

To address this issue, we updated the Contacts tool so that you could choose your own set of favorite properties in your Contacts database. You could also drag and drop these properties into whatever order made the most sense to you. The changes you made would take effect across the entire portal, so that anyone who used the Contacts database in your HubSpot would see the same customized view.

All you needed to do was click the star icon to the right of any contact property, and that property would get added to the top of your Contact overview page. The most important details about each contact would now always be close at hand.

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contact overview page

But now we've taken it one step further. With this latest release, every HubSpot user can now choose their own favorite properties and place them in the order they wish. Since different users often have different needs, we've made it so that different users can customize the Contacts screen to their own unique needs. 

Because as a marketer, you might prefer to see a certain set of contact properties. And these will probably be very different from the properties that matter most to a sales rep. Does a marketer need to see a contact's phone number right up front and center? Probably not. But a sales rep? Definitely.

How will you use this recent improvement in your own marketing and sales efforts? Have you told your sales team about this new feature? How many times did they hug you when you did?

Seriously, though. We'd love to hear how you'll use this new feature. Share your ideas and feedback in the comments.

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Originally published Apr 22, 2013 12:30:00 PM, updated December 16 2013